The village and its surroundings


Air view of Sigonce                                                                                                            The village fountain

Sigonce is characterized by its liveliness. It is located in the middle of the sunlit Provence (there are about 300 sunny days per year) with fragrant fields of lavender and much cultural life. In Sigonce and the surrounding villages, there are regularly concerts in churches that would be empty otherwise. There are art exhibitions everywhere. Since the time of the impressionists, landscape painters love the particular light that only exists in the Provence. Cézanne’s mountain, la Montagne de Sainte Victoire, is very close, as well as the Mont Ventoux, which is appreciated by bicycle-riders.


The largest bookshop of France, Le Bleuet, is located at 25km in Banon. Its owner, Joel Gattefossé, has 350.000 titles on his bookshelves and about a million books in his stocks. In the summer months he sells 1000 books a day.

You won’t meet tourists in Sigonce. If you look for them, you have to go to Forcalquier, 9km away. This, by the way, is a nice little town that is a little bit bigger than Sigonce and that has an impressive cathedral from the 12th century, a picturesque village center and a weekly market. Every Monday, at 10h, a bus drives from Sigonce to Forcalquier. People who want to go to the market are careful to be at the bus stop on time. The bus returns to Sigonce precisely at 12h. Concerning public transport in Sigonce, that’s it.


Every morning, the backer stops right in front of the entrance to the guest rooms. A white Peugeot Partner full of bread and pastry. Every Friday afternoon and Sunday morning, there is a market on the village square of Sigonce. Local farmers sell the typical products of the region: delicious goat-milk cheese, sausages, bread, vegetables and fruit. There are only three stands, but the quality is fantastic!